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DXE-RPA-2 Modular Receive Preamplifiers
DXE-RPA-2 Modular Receive Preamplifiers

DX Engineering RPA-2 Modular Receive Preamplifiers are completely redesigned versions of the RPA-1PLUS, with an internal slot that accommodates the addition of the optional 75 to 50 ohm Impedance Transformer Module.
DXE-RPA-2 preamps are low noise preamps, optimized for the 300 kHz to 35 MHz range.
They let you hear the weakest signals without artificially raising the noise.
Meticulous craftsmanship and durable, robust components allow these preamplifiers to withstand high signal levels while providing superior dynamic range and third-order intercept performance that equals or exceeds most receiver and transceiver front-ends.

RPA-2 Receive Preamplifiers have key features added, as requested by our tech-oriented customers and enthusiasts:
- Internal slot accommodates the optional 75 to 50 ohm Impedance Transformer Module to accomplish typical receive antenna feedline to equipment transitions without losses
-Also allows direct connection to 50 ohm receive antenna feedline BNC connectors with no transformer required
- Secure BNC female connectors and receive-system friendly F female connectors remain; both prevent accidental connection to transmitting devices
- A green LED indicates when DC power is present and the preamplifier circuit is engaged.
- An ingenious positive-capture threaded-sleeve 2.1 mm power connector that ensures the DC power cannot be accidently disconnected from the RPA-2.
- Alternatively, a simple internal jumper change allows the RPA-2 to be powered by DC on the feedline

While many other common preamplifiers suffer from harmonic distortion, RPA-2 Modular Receive Preamplifiers include our exclusive, advanced push-pull design that eliminates harmonic distortion.
Their high quiescent current increases their ability to handle strong signals without distortion or overload.
These high performance devices must be powered with a well filtered and regulated DC power supply and will offer maximum performance at 12 to 18 Vdc input. Do not use a cheap wall transformer to power these top-of-the-line preamplifiers.

Indoor installation at the back of the radio is recommended for RPA-2.
For those who want to place them in an enclosure at a receive antenna system, a handy internal jumper allows these new units to be powered on the coaxial cable.

RPA-2 PLUS Receive Preamplifier Specifications:

-Input and Output Connectors, female: BNC and F
-Frequency Range: 300 kHz to 35MHz
-Gain: 16 dB, +/- 1.5 dB (over entire frequency range)
-Output Third Order Intercept: 43 dBm
-Noise Figure: 3.5 dB
-One dB Compression Point: +26 dBm (400 mW output)
-Dynamic Range, IM3: 110 dB or greater (500 kHz BW)
-Power Requirement: 12-18 Vdc, 140 mA max.

DX Engineering RPA-2 Modular Receive Preamplifiers offer superior receiving results on crowded medium wave and shortwave bands as well as on the ham bands.
SWLs and Radio Amateurs around the world have come to rely on the advanced operational performance of DX Engineering Receive Preamplifiers.
You will be able to pull in the weakest signals and snag that rare one, under the most difficult conditions, when you need it the most.

200,90 EUR incl. 19 % VAT
168,82 EUR export price - outside Europe

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