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SV-BF-994X5 VLN Preamplifiers
SV-BF-994X5 VLN Preamplifiers
SV-BF-994X5 VLN Preamplifiers
SV-BF-994X5 VLN Preamplifiers

KD9SV designed SV-BF-994X5 VLN Preamplifiers for use on small receiving antennas for the 160 meter and 80 meter bands.

Utilizing five parallel BF-994 FETs, these Very Low Noise adjustable gain preamps achieve an amazing 24 to 40 dB.
Used successfully on Waller Flag antennas, VLN Preamps are perfect for other low output receive antennas such as small flags, pennants and rotary flags.
Featuring switched band pass filtering, these preamps are a perfect match for small receiving antennas to enable hams that live on a small city lot, to hear DX on 160 and 80 meters that may not be audible on transmit antennas.

Receive Antenna System Device Type:                 In-line preamplifier
Receive Frequency Range:                                    1.8 - 2.0 MHz/3.5 - 4.0 MHz
Preamplfier Gain:                                                     24 dB - 40 dB variable
Noise Figure:                                                            0.7 dB
Receive Feedline Connector Type:                       BNC
Optimal Voltage Range:                                         11-15 Vdc

Dual-band preamp with built-in 160 and 80 meter band-pass filtering to reduce BCB interference.

Width: 5.250 in.  (approx. 13,35 cm)
Height: 2.125 in.  (approx. 5,5 cm)
Depth: 5.125 in.   (approx. 13,00 cm)

237,64 EUR incl. 19 % VAT
199,70 EUR export price - outside Europe

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