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DX Engineering Active Receive Antenna

These components are made available without the 102 in. long whip elements for alternative shipping, packaging, and replacement parts options.
DX Engineering Active Receive Antenna Components offer excellent receiving performance from 100 kHz to 30 MHz.
DX Engineering's unique Active Receive Antenna design makes it vastly superior to traditional active antennas in both strong signal handling and feedline decoupling.
You get significantly better weak signal reception due to lower spurious signal interference and reduced noise.
These antenna systems are ideal for Amateur Radio or shortwave listening - SWL.
Now RoHS-compliant, these active receive antenna components ground the antenna element when the power is turned off.
These active antennas may be used in installations when spacing from transmit antennas is less than 1/2 wavelength, but more than 1/10 wavelength (on the lowest frequency).
A DX Engineering time variable sequencer unit should be used to ensure the correct transmit to receive switching. 
Two active antennas can be used with the receive antenna phasing unit to make a steerable vertical array.
That unit can also provide power for the active antenna components and the proper transmit power-off sequencing.
These compact receiving antenna systems operate over a very wide bandwidth with superior strong-signal performance.
The output Third Order Intercept (TOI) is approximately +30 dBm, which is significantly better than most aftermarket amplifiers and receivers, making them one of the cleanest active antennas on the market.
This exceptionally high Third Order Intercept (TOI) reduces or eliminates spurious signals.
Feedline decoupling, absent in some other popular designs, is also exceptionally good.
Decoupling the shield greatly reduces feedline conducted noise and unwanted signal interference.
The feedline voltage injector, which powers the matching system and provides radio connections, is supplied only with single antenna systems.
Multiple element packages are intended for receiving array devices that supply the power for these DX Engineering active receive antenna components.

Features of Active Receive Antenna Components include:

* Close spacing from transmit antennas--element grounded at power-off
* Sensitive--weak-signal sensitivity rivaling full size antennas
* Wide bandwidth--100 kHz to 30 MHz
* Excellent strong-signal handling--outstanding Third Order Intercept of +30 dBm
* Reduced noise--quiet FET followers and exceptional feedline shield isolation
* Active matching system with internal antenna disconnect relay available as a replacement part, or active matching system with internal antenna disconnect relay
* Non-conductive mounting plate
* Solid brass element mounting block
* Element connection wire
* Stainless steel clamps and hardware for assembly

292,15 EUR incl. 19 % VAT
245,50 EUR export price - outside Europe

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