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Hi-Z 4 Four Element Array System Need more information on this product? Please get in touch with us »
Hi-Z 4 Four Element Array System

Hi-Z Antennas Four Element Array Systems offer four selectable directions of enhanced, low-noise receive performance and over 30 dB front to back directivity for the 160, 80 and 40 meter bands
and useful reception from below the AM broadcast band through 30 MHz.
 Four element arrays offer a narrower beam-width than three element arrays, for lower noise and better directivity.

These antenna systems feature the Hi-Z Phasing Controller with a unique circuit configuration and phase combiner that maintain system phasing accuracy and signal amplitude stability.
Twin delay lines provide time delay phasing to take advantage of the full frequency coverage of the new Hi-Z Plus-6 Amplifiers included this Level 2 system.
When using these receive arrays, the most apparent benefit is the ability to position the deep pattern null to any of four different directions, providing fantastic rejection of interfering signals and noise across the spectrum!

Four individual antenna amplifier units are connected to the base of four ground-mounted, 18 to 24 ft. tall, vertical elements that are positioned at the corners of a square layout.
Array verticals installed at 80 ft. spacing optimizes 160 meters while achieving best three-band performance.
At 60 ft. spacing, for greater installation flexibility, a minor reduction in 160 meter performance allows the best results for 80 and 40 meters.
Vertical antenna elements and feedlines are sold separately. Performance of the entire system depends upon the accuracy of array layout and connecting cables and the effect of metal structures.

Hi-Z Antennas Four Element Array Systems multi-band directional receive vertical arrays fit in the smallest of areas.
When well built, Hi-Z systems will outlast and outperform nearly all other low-band receiving antenna types. Hi-Z receiving systems offer excellent IMD properties so they are perfect for contesting and DXing!

Hi-Z Antennas Four Element Array Systems four-direction receive systems include:

* One rotary Switch Selector unit with 4 LED directional indicators
* One four-element Phasing Controller
* Four High-Impedance Plus-6 Amplifiers for connection to customer supplied vertical elements.
* Two 75 ohm delay cables, lengths determined by customer system selection of either 80 or 60 ft. element spacing
* One in-line Hi-Z Antennas 75 ohm Receive Preamplifier for use at the array
* One in-line Hi-Z Antennas Transformer, 75 ohm F connector to 50 ohm BNC connector for use in-shack

* Optimization for 160 meters or 80 meters with excellent 80 and 40 meter performance
* Over 30 dB f/b ratio
* Covers 300 kHz to 30 MHz
* Operates on +13.8 Vdc at 250 mA
* Requires 4-conductor control cable

Need more information on this product? Please get in touch with us »
1.027,60 EUR incl. 19 % VAT
863,53 EUR export price - outside Europe

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