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Receive Eight Circle Complete Array Package.

DX Engineering Receive Eight Circle Complete Array Packages are 8-element, eight direction-switchable arrays based on a 4-element end-fire/broadside combination of your own short receiving vertical elements.
These packages are capable of delivering pattern-directional performance that's superior to standard or short Beverage or reversible Beverage systems and typical 3-element or four-square arrays of short vertical elements.

DX Engineering Receive Eight Circle Complete Array Packages offer selectable directional performance comparable to eight very long phased beverages, and they do it in far less space.

Features include:

* W8JI design with stable, narrow, and low-angle pattern
* Directional performance varies with circle radius
* Active receive verticals with 8.5 ft. elements cover a single band or multiple bands within 500 kHz to 30 MHz
* Excellent directivity in a smaller space than phased Beverages for better signal-to-noise ratio
* Reduced susceptibility to high angle signals compared to phased Beverage antennas, as well as superior performance to EWE, Flag, Pennant, and K9AY antennas
* Switching console selects one of eight 45 degree spaced directions
* Directivity over a very wide frequency range
* Less physical space and less maintenance required than phased Beverage antenna arrays
* Enhanced relay contact reliability
* DC powered control console allows system operation without AC power mains

Kit includes:

* One DXE-RCA8B-1 Receive Eight Circle Array Controller
* Eight DXE-ARAV3-8P active matching units with internal whip disconnect relays
* One DXE-CC-8AMOD special 8-position Receive Eight Circle Control Console
* One DXE-SSVC-2P stainless steel V-clamp
* One DXE-CPT-659 coax cable stripper with one replacement blade
* Two DXE-F6-1000 1,000 ft. rolls of 75 ohm flooded coaxial cable
* One DXE-SNS-CT1 Snap-N-Seal crimp tool
* Twenty-five DXE-SNS6-25 Snap-N-Seal connectors

Sie haben Fragen zu diesem Produkt?  Nehmen sie sofort Kontakt mit uns auf »
3.422,70 EUR incl. 19 % MWSt
2.876,22 EUR Exportpreis - ausserhalb Europa

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