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Feedpoint Voltage Coupler - DXE-FVC-1 Sie haben Fragen zu diesem Produkt?  Nehmen sie sofort Kontakt mit uns auf »
Feedpoint Voltage Coupler - DXE-FVC-1

The FVC-1 provides an interface for standard control switches, such as the DXE-CC-8 or your own arrangement to voltage-multiplexed antenna systems. This interface system will provide the voltages required to remotely select up to four antennas (or four directions) through receiving or low power transmitting feedlines. It provides fuse-protected 0V, +12 Vdc, -12 Vdc, and 12 Vac. output voltages through a panel mounted feedline connector. These voltages can be used to provide four-direction switching of an antenna array either through the feedline or on a single wire supplemental control line. Control is done using a standard 1 of 4, BCD or switch closure interface.

The FVC-1 is recommended for use with the DX Engineering RFS-2P Remote Four-Square Antenna System , the RBS-1 Reversible Beverage Antenna System , and the RLS-2 Transfer Switch . The CC-8 Control Console can provide the 1 of 4 and BCD input used by the FVC-1 or you can use your own switch.

The FVC-1 also has two LED indicators, red and green, which indicate the presence and polarity of the output control voltage being used. They are directional indicators that can be read at a convenient distance and can aid in troubleshooting. Features
  • Safe, external 12V heavy duty power pack.
  • Metal Housing – superior shielding, rugged, and easy mounting
  • Convenient installation– mounts anywhere in your shack
  • Rugged Control Connector – reliable solder-less connections
  • Internal thermal reset fuse- full protection against accidental shorts
  • Flexible logic input- BCD or standard one-of-four, high or low actuated
  • Operation indicators- bright red and green LED indicators can be seen at a distance
View Assembly Instructions for DXE-FVC-1 Feedpoint Voltage Coupler (245K pdf)

Sie haben Fragen zu diesem Produkt?  Nehmen sie sofort Kontakt mit uns auf »
150,90 EUR incl. 19 % MWSt
126,81 EUR Exportpreis - ausserhalb Europa

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