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KWD-RTR Special Kenwood Keying Cables
KWD-RTR Special Kenwood Keying Cables

DX Engineering KWD-RTR Special Kenwood Keying Cables are custom cable assemblies that allow proper operation of a DXE-NCC-2 or DXE-RTR-2 with the Kenwood transceivers listed below.
They also work to properly connect and key the legacy DX Engineering NCC-1 Receive Phasing Controller, and the RTR-1A and RTR-1 Receive Antenna Interfaces.
The DXE-KWD-RTR provides the "Ground on Transmit" AND the chassis common shield connection that is required by these DX Engineering devices.
They also provide the normal ground on transmit keying for other accessories and amplifiers.

So, why did we make a special cable? Because virtually all modern Kenwood HF transceivers, that have the REMOTE 7-pin DIN connector, have the common of the keying relay "floating" or not tied to the chassis.
But the DXE-NCC-2, DXE-RTR-2 and others, require the keying cable to be installed AND for the cable shield to be connected to chassis ground.
That is why we call it the RADIO PTT – RX ENABLE connector; the shield carries the RX ENABLE signal to chassis ground, "proving" to the unit that keying cable is there.
Then it "knows" can go to the receive mode and be sure to safely switch to the transmit mode when the transceiver is PTT is keyed.

The DXE-KWD-RTR Keying Cable has a red RCA male, 5 feet of 2-conductor cable (center and shield), and the 7-pin DIN connector for Kenwood transceivers.
We added the extra connection of relay common and shield to chassis ground, which is the shell of the 7-pin DIN, as shown in the diagram.
Oh, and by the way, we did not put on an ALC cable because ALC just isn't used. Modern amplifiers do not have ALC output because modern transceivers don't need it.

Do you have plans for the NCC-2, RTR-2 or other DX Engineering RTR device?
If you have one of the Kenwood transceivers listed below, order your DXE-KWD-RTR Special Kenwood Keying Cables right now!

--The following Kenwood HF transceivers are known to have the 7-pin DIN REMOTE connector for the amplifier keying line connection:

TS-120, TS-130, TS-140S,TS-2000, TS-2000X, TS-B2000,TS-430S, TS-440S, TS-450S, TS-50S, TS-530S, TS-570D, TS-570DG,TS-570S, TS-570SG,
TS-590S, TS-590SG, TS-680S, TS-690, TS-690S,TS-830S, TS-850S, TS-870S, TS-930S*, TS-950S, TS-950SDX, TS-990S

*(Some early, unmodified TS-930 and TS-940 models cannot use this cable)

47,80 EUR incl. 19 % VAT
40,17 EUR export price - outside Europe

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