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Hi-Z Amp PLUS-6 Amplifier

Hi-Z Amp PLUS-6 Amplifier
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This is a totally redesigned amplifier. It is a totally weatherproofed and ruggedized version. In our continuing investment to make Hi-Z products the best they can be, we have spent considerable effort in re-engineering the functionality and capabilities of this core component for our receiving arrays. With the advent of portable operations, use of shorter verticals the PLUS-6 is well suited for these applications. With other systems on the horizon the new design Amp will satisfy all engineering requirements. In time these will be the standard components supplied with our systems. The current version Hi-Z Amp will be maintained for a long time to come. We will maintain parts and be able to service the current Amp, this is our commitment to you to maintain your investment in our products. Hi-Z Amp PLUS-6s are shipping now.

A little commentary about the PLUS-6. I have a 4-8PRO, the original prototype system and many months ago installed the first PLUS6 amps on 4 of the 8 verticals. Incredible the performance difference. During the VP8ORK operation, selecting between SE and S directions the path was somewhere in the middle. The SE direction was using the standard Hi-Z Amp and the S was using the Hi-Z Amp PLUS-6. When switching back and forth the difference was just as predicted and designed. With virtually no increased in the NF (noise floor) the signal would pop just about one S-unit or 6dbs higher when listening in the S direction.   KO7N


·        Increased gain model – PLUS-6 0dB  (both models maintain 75 ohm output impedance)

·        L=4.6  W=2.6  H=1.6 (not including the terminals or connectors)

Features & Benefits:

·        Rugged weatherized enclosure

·        No need to cover the amp, simplified mounting

      .          Reduces cost (enclosures) and time to mount and connect the Amp to the vertical elements

Sie haben Fragen zu diesem Produkt?  Nehmen sie sofort Kontakt mit uns auf »
150,80 EUR incl. 19 % MWSt
126,72 EUR Exportpreis - ausserhalb Europa

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